AM Welcomes Monmouth CAB to Senedd

Monmouth CAB at the Senedd with Nick

Local Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, was pleased to give members of Monmouth  CAB a tour of the Senedd  today. Mr Ramsay had offered the tour as part of the group’s recent promise auction and was delighted to show some of the volunteers around the Assembly at Cardiff Bay.

Speaking after the tour today Nick said:

“It was good to catch up with Monmouth CAB at the Assembly. They are a very impressive group who do a great deal of good work in the town helping people who often have nowhere else to turn and often feel they need help desperately.

“The CAB has gone from strength to strength over recent years, and provides a variety of services with hardworking volunteers trained in a range of useful areas.

“I look forward to liaising closely with the CAB during 2014 to provide the best possible advocacy and advice to those who need help.”

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