Local AM Pledges to Fight for the Future of Monmouthshire

Local Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has warned of the threat posed to Monmouthshire by a Welsh Government-initiated review of public services in Wales and has pledged to fight for the future survival of the county in any local government shake-up.

The Commission on Public Service Governance and Delivery’s report, made public on 20th January, has called for the number of local authorities in Wales to be cut by half and for Monmouthshire County Council to merge with Newport.

Speaking today Mr Ramsay said:

“I’m growing increasingly concerned by the possibility of Monmouthshire being wiped off the map in any local government shake-up. My constituents identify with Monmouthshire as their home and the Welsh Government should tread very carefully before interfering with this sense of identity.

“The history of local government in Wales tells us that reorganisation happens way too often, always costs money and never delivers the scale of savings to the public purse or public service improvements we are promised at the outset.

“The Welsh Government should think long and hard about any potential reorganisation before committing money that could otherwise be spent on maintaining local services and keeping council tax rises to a minimum.

“Of course savings need to be made and local government needs to strive for greater efficiencies and more joint working.

“I will fight tooth and nail for Monmouthshire to be retained in a meaningful form.”

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