AM welcomes news of superfast broadband

LOCAL Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has welcomed news that a roll-out of superfast broadband in Monmouthshire will begin in Monmouth this June, with Usk set to follow in 2015 when the scheme is scheduled to be completed.

Mr Ramsay, who is the Shadow Secretary for Business, Enterprise, Technology and Science,  has campaigned long and hard for an efficient broadband service, raising the issue with the Welsh Government on numerous occasions.

Speaking on Wednesday, he said:

“I hope this signals the start of better broadband provision for my constituents, as the situation in some areas has been appalling. I recently had a telephone conversation with Ann Beynon, Director of BT Wales and her Programme Director for Superfast Broadband. I explained that many people in rural Monmouthshire felt frustrated at the lack of access to BT/Openreach when they wished to obtain information about community projects to connect to superfast broadband, especially where they don’t expect to be connected automatically as part of the scheme due to their rural location. Some groups have made repeated attempts to organise a self help scheme but have been let down by a lack of response.

“I would urge people to check that they are equipped and ready to take on the broadband undertaking and to seek advice on applying for funding.

“Monmouth is the gateway to Wales, so it is vital that businesses have access to a  high speed internet service. BT will be publicising the roll-out in more detail and have planned a meeting at St Pierre in October to enable interested parties to attend to discuss the matter further.

“In the meantime, I will continue to monitor the situation and to press for progress on a broadband upgrade.”

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