AM Supports Monmouth Off Street Project’s Funding Bid

Local Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay has added his support to Monmouth Off Street Project to build a new skate park and BMX track in Monmouth for young people.

The project organisers have been busy fundraising for some time and have recently applied for a grant from Section 106 funds available for Monmouth.

Speaking today Nick said:

“I’m pleased to have been asked to support this project that has been underway for some time.  I understand that Monmouth Town Council and the County Council as well as many local businesses, the police and agencies in the town support the scheme too.

“I hope funding will be granted to enable to project to move forward as quickly as possible as I know that many young people in Monmouth are very keen to have a designated facility for skating and riding their bikes safely.

“ I am told that a suitable location has been found, so once the funding is in place I hope the project will be able to move forward without delay.”

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