AM welcomes Glastir consultation‏

LOCAL Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has welcomed news that there is to be a Government consultation on the future of Glastir.

Mr Ramsay has repeatedly called for the simplification of the controversial Glastir scheme, which was set up to replace five existing agri-environment schemes.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mr Ramsay said:

“I know many farmers have been unhappy about different elements of Glastir, which they felt was lacking in direction and good management, so I am delighted that my calls for the scheme to be simplified have at last been taken on board.

“I’m very concerned that some farmers may have been put off applying for the support altogether.

“I am particularly pleased that plans for a part farm element are to be included in the consultation as well as a small grants scheme.

“Glastir should be more flexible and responsive to the needs of each individual farm.

“I would urge farmers to take this opportunity to have their say during the consultation process.”

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