MONMOUTH MP David Davies has spoken out against the decline in public services in Wales during Prime Minister’s Questions.

Mr Davies highlighted the Welsh Government’s poor record on healthcare and education to the Prime Minister David Cameron after the leader of the opposition Ed Miliband recently said there were lessons to be learned from the performance of the Labour-run administration in Wales.

Commenting on his question, Mr Davies said:

“NHS spending has been cut in Wales, there is no cancer drugs fund and people have been barred from crossing the border to use healthcare services in England. The NHS in Wales is providing an unacceptable level of care for people and this cannot be allowed to continue.

“Furthermore, the recent PISA education results highlighted that Wales has the worst education system in the UK. It is clear from his answer that the Prime Minister agrees with me.

“Wales is an example of how a Labour Government has failed people through having a direct role in public services that are letting down pupils, patients and parents. This is in direct contrast to their counterparts in England where, under the Coalition Government, there has been a rise in healthcare and education standards.

“All this tells me is that Labour cannot be trusted to run the UK Government and I will continue to speak out against the Welsh Labour Government’s shocking record on public services.”

A video of David’s question and the Prime Minister’s response can be watched here.

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