AM welcomes Minister’s Response on A4042 Flooding at Llanellen

MONMOUTH Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, has received a response to his recent letters to Edwina Hart AM, the Welsh Government’s Transport Minister, requesting action to solve the problem of flooding on the A4042 near Llanellen Bridge which has resulted in the road being closed for far too long in recent weeks.

Speaking today Nick said:

“Many constituents have been in touch with me about this issue which has been causing traffic chaos in and around Llanellen recently due to poor drainage in this atrocious weather.

“The Minister has stated in her reply to my letters that she and her officers” are working with the landowner to investigate options to alleviate flooding in the area.”

“This section of the A4042 has for many years suffered flooding at times of very heavy rainfall, but something must be done now as a matter of urgency to solve the drainage problem. The alternative route via Llanfoist is not designed for large vehicles and the heavy volume of diverted traffic. This stretch of the busy A4042 is being closed far too often with resulting chaos for traffic and local residents.”

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