Monmouth Conservatives back their AM

The Conservative Party in Monmouthshire have thrown their weight behind local Assembly Member Nick Ramsay who was dramatically sacked last week after refusing to support his leader in the Assembly over tax raising powers for the Welsh Assembly. 

The government is willing to offer the Assembly limited tax raising powers only after a referendum, but Assembly Members including the Conservative leader want much greater powers to raise taxes. Mr Ramsay and three of his colleagues refused to go along with this and removed from their positions.

Chairman of the Conservative Association in Monmouthshire Mr Barrie O’Keefe said:

“We the officers and members of the Monmouth Conservative Association are most disappointed with the events which have taken place in Cardiff Bay in the last few days.  Bizarrely the Member for Monmouth Nick Ramsay has been sacked from the chairmanship of the Business Committee for refusing to vote with the assembly Conservative Group against national Conservative policy.  To cap it all the leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew R T Davies apparently didn’t even tell Nick he had lost his job,  Nick heard the news from a Labour party member who picked it up on Twitter.  To say the least we are not best pleased that he and his colleagues were put in this impossible position” 

“The party in Monmouth is solidly supporting Nick Ramsay in this issue, and we have made our feelings abundantly clear to the Board of the Welsh Conservative Party”. 

Local MP David Davies said:

“I think it is absolutely right that we should restrict the powers of the Assembly to raise taxes and I entirely support Nick in voting the way he did. Furthermore from time to time MPs and AMs find themselves in the position of having to vote against their leadership on a matter of conscience and I am surprised that Nick’s right to do so was not properly respected.”

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