Usk Gentlemen welcome local MP

MONMOUTH MP David Davies was the guest of Pastor Paul Baxter and the gentlemen of Usk Baptist Church last week.

Usk Baptist Church

David Davies MP with Pastor Paul Baxter, County Cllr Brian Strong and the gentlemen of Usk Baptist Church

The group meets every three months or so on a Monday morning at Usk Baptist Church in Old Market Street for breakfast, followed by a short talk from an invited speaker. The aim of the breakfasts is to encourage men to meet together in a Christian setting.

Mr Davies delivered his popular ‘A Day in the Life’ presentation – a candid and non-political behind the scenes look at the Houses of Parliament, which explains what MPs get up to in their constituencies as well as in London. Afterwards, the floor was opened for questions.

“I am always happy to come and speak to any local groups or organisations and was delighted to accept the invitation to attend the gentlemen’s breakfast in Usk,” said Mr Davies.

For further information about David’s ‘A Day in the Life’ talk, please call the constituency office on 01291 672817 or email

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