Local AM Pleased to Announce New Safety Measures on A40 Entering Abergavenny

Local Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay AM, has received a letter from Edwina Hart AM, the Welsh Government’s Minister for Transport, announcing the outcome of a recent speed limit review and pedestrian survey of the A40 through Abergavenny.

Some months ago Mr Ramsay and local County Councillor Mrs Maureen Powell met with the Minister on the busy A40 near Ysbytty Fields to voice their safety concerns about this dangerous stretch of the road for pedestrians.

Speaking today Nick said:

“The Minister has informed me that the speed limit will be reduced to 30mph from the current limit of 40mph and that an additional pedestrian guard railing will be constructed to encourage school children to use the current crossing point on the A40.

“The letter also states that although a recent pedestrian survey showed that current pedestrian movements are too low to justify a traffic light crossing, a further review will be undertaken in the spring to see whether there is a seasonal variation of pedestrian movements.

“These additional safety measures are to be welcomed and I look forward to hearing the outcome of the discussions that are still ongoing  about the detrunking of the A40 passing through Abergavenny which would help reduce traffic flow on this very busy stretch of the road.

County Councillor Maureen Powell who has been campaigning for road safety improvements near Ysbytty Fields for many years commented:

“I am very pleased with decision to lower the speed limit as I have been campaigning for this ever since I was elected.

“I am still hoping that the further pedestrian survey in the spring and early summer might bring us a crossing in due course.

“We are still waiting for the outcome of the possible detrunking of the A40 through the town.”

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