David speaks out against FGM

Conservative MP for Monmouth, David Davies, pledged his full support for the campaign to end FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) started by Fahma Mohamed. Over the past 8 years David has spoken out on the issue in Parliament and used the Freedom of Information Act to get information from the Metropolitan police on the number of arrests and investigations which have been carried out into this crime.

David has now written to the Welsh Assembly Government Education Minister in Wales, Huw Lewis AM asking him to write to all schools in Wales about FGM, before the cutting season begins in July. David has also written to the UK Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove about the importance of the Government’s work to combat FGM.

David Davies MP said

“I’ve spoke out about this despicable practice on a number of times in Parliament since 2007. I’m glad that at long last the issue is being given more prominence by brave people like Fahma Mohamed. “

“I’m also pleased to see that the UK Government is no longer turning a blind eye to this appalling practice, by taking action to try and stamp out the practice in the UK. I fully support them in their efforts.”

“For my part I will continue to speak out against this particularly pernicious form of violence against women by continuing to raise the issue support the campaign against FGM in Parliament and with the Welsh Assembly Government.”

Further information about the campaign against FGM can be found here.

If you would like to contact David please email him on david.davies.mp@parliament.uk or by phone on 01291 672817

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