AM presses for Llanellen flooding solution

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has pledged to continue to press the Welsh Government to find a solution to ongoing flooding problems on the A4042 at Llanellen and the traffic chaos that ensues when Llanellen Bridge is closed.

The village of Llanellen is accessed by two roads, both prone to flooding, and problems arise when the A4042 trunk road, administered by the South Wales Trunk Road Agency (SWTRA) , is closed and traffic is diverted on to the much smaller B4269, which is administered by Monmouthshire County Council’s Highways authority.

Mr Ramsay has taken up the issue with Monmouthshire County Council’s Highways Traffic and Network Manager who has agreed to discuss the matter both with colleagues and with SWTRA to see if improved arrangements could be considered for future closures of the A4042 at Llanellen. 

“I was pleased to hear from Highways that they are going to review better ways of directing traffic to use a more suitable alternative route  when Llanellen Bridge is closed, so that traffic disruption can be kept to a minimum“ said  Mr Ramsay.

“I will continue to keep up the pressure on the Welsh Government to work with the adjoining land owner to alleviate flooding on the neighbouring fields that spreads across on to the trunk road.

“Let’s hope it won’t be too long before flooding at Llanellen is a thing of the past.”

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