AM hears of exciting plans for Llandegfedd Reservoir

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has received an update from Welsh Water on plans to create a prime sailing venue and water sports centre at Llandegfedd Reservoir.

Mr Ramsay, who attended the cutting of the turf when the project began last November, described plans for the new facility at Llandegfedd as “very exciting.”

“Welsh Water has made a significant investment of around £2.5 million in developing the reservoir, and the new facilities promise to offer fantastic opportunities to visitors and a wide range of activity groups.

“Unfortunately, the programme has been delayed due to a combination of bad weather and the sheer scale of the construction, with the health and safety of staff, customers, partners, contractors and members of the public a first priority.

“The Visitor Centre is currently programmed to be completed in late October and the Water Sports Centre in the second week of August.

“I know there has been some concern regarding access to the reservoir and I understand that representatives of Welsh Water are meeting with the Sailing Club to discuss the feasibility of how they may be able to access the site temporarily whilst the construction work is going on.  Inevitably, there will be some disruptions, but I am told the authority are doing all they can to keep all interested parties updated through newsletters and meetings.

“Welsh Water’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter D Perry, has told me they intend to initiate a marketing campaign, raising awareness of the new facility and their educational team will keep local schools updated on the latest progress.

“This is a wonderfully exciting project, encompassed in the beautiful environment of Llandegfedd. I am sure it will attract visitors from far and wide and will be a huge asset to  the community.

“I will continue to liaise with Welsh Water and look forward to returning to Llandegfedd once the work has been completed.“

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