AM Meets with Abergavenny Religious Community

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay was pleased to attend a meeting of Abergavenny’s religious leaders on Friday 4th April.

The meeting at the Tithe Barn was organised by Father Mark Soady as an opportunity for civic and political representatives to engage with the town’s various Christian denominations.

The event follows a packed season of Lent at St Mary’s Church during which Nick and others were invited to give a series of sermons on the importance of Faith in the workplace.

 Speaking today Nick said:

“I’d like to thank Father Mark for organising Friday’s meeting with religious leaders at the Tithe Barn.

“It was a great opportunity for us to meet and discuss issues affecting the town, its people and religious community.

“I’d also like to thank Father Mark for organising and inviting me to take part in the recent series of Lent sermons.

“I know I speak for everyone who took part in the sermons when I say it was a valuable opportunity for us to explain a little bit more about what motivates us in our different roles.”

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