MONMOUTH MP David Davies is set to take part in a dynamic public debate on climate change and what it means for Wales’ future generations.

Mr Davies will join Professor James Scourse, Director of the Climate Change Consortium of Wales (C3W), for a lively conversation at St Mary’s Priory Centre in Abergavenny on Monday 14th April 2014.

Refreshments will be available from 6pm with the debate starting at 6:30pm.

Speaking from Westminster, Mr Davies said:

“The consensus view on climate change is that it is happening at a fast pace, it is all caused by human activity, and the UK Government – acting alone if necessary – should adopt all manner of carbon taxes.

“These policies have made energy much more expensive for homeowners and businesses.

“My view is very different. I believe there has been a modest increase in global temperature which carbon emissions may have contributed to. Taxing carbon in the UK without a wider agreement simply makes life harder for people and businesses without doing anything to tackle the problem.

“I am very much looking forward to discussing this with Professor Scourse and with the supporters of environmental groups like Friends of the Earth. It promises to be a lively evening!”

For further information and to register to attend, please email 

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