Welsh European Election Launch

Today, Dr Kay Swinburne MEP and the excellent team of candidates launched our European Election Campaign at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

Cllr Aled Davies, Dr Kay Swinburne MEP, Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Richard Hopkin, and Dr Dan Boucher

The team were joined by the Secretary of State for Wales, David I Jones MP and the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly for Wales, Andrew RT Davies AM, as we published our Manifesto for the election on May 22nd. 

The key points of the campaign are:

We want to make Europe work better for Wales and Britain and give the British people a final say on our EU membership with an in-out referendum.

So far we have: 

  • Cut the EU budget for the first time in history, saving British taxpayers £8.15bn.
  • Taken the UK out of Eurozone bailouts.
  • Vetoed a new EU Fiscal Treaty that didn’t guarantee a level playing field for British business.

Now we are fighting to renegotiate our membership of the EU to bring powers back to Britain and away from Brussels, and to secure a better deal for British taxpayers.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats oppose our plan for Europe. They won’t stand up for Britain and refuse to give you a say at an in-out referendum. Plaid Cymru and UKIP simply can’t deliver on anything they promise.

Only by voting Conservative can you have real change in Europe and an in-out referendum on Europe in 2017.

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