Nick backs Macmillan campaign

LOCAL Assembly Member Nick Ramsay is supporting Macmillan Cancer Support’s Counting the Cost of Cancer Campaign after attending a recent event at the Senedd, sponsored by Vaughan Gething AM, the Deputy Minister for Tackling Poverty.

20140430 Nick Ramsay AM with Gwenllian Griffiths (4)

Local AM Nick Ramsay pictured at the Senedd with Macmillan’s Gwellian Griffiths

Speaking on Wednesday, Mr Ramsay said:

“Macmillan Wales highlighted the fact that more than half of cancer patients in Wales are not offered enough information on Welfare benefits advice, despite there being a commitment in the Welsh Government’s Cancer Delivery Plan, to routinely offer people affected by cancer the opportunity to access financial advice and support. In addition, Macmillan Wales’ analysis of Health Boards’ Local Cancer Delivery Plans and annual reports shows that for a second year in a row none of them mention how they plan to meet this Government requirement.

“Through my surgeries I see more and more people being diagnosed with cancer each year and it’s important that they get the help they need in terms of treatment options, emotional support and financial guidance. We know that cancer patients in Wales are hit with an average cost of £640 per month as a result of their illness – this is a staggering amount.

“We must act now to ensure Health Boards are working with partner organisations, like Macmillan, to make sure the commitment in the Government’s Cancer Delivery Plan is being met across Wales.”

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