Landlords across Monmouthshire and local MP David Davies were given some cheer before the World Cup with the news that pubs in Wales will now be able to open late, so that people in Monmouthshire can watch England’s late night matches in Brazil.

This is a victory for Mr Davies who put pressure on the Government to extend opening hours in Wales for the World Cup as had been agreed on in England on behalf of landlords and football supporters in Monmouthshire, including Margaret Cleaves, the Landlady of the Green Dragon.

Green Dragon

David Davies MP with Margaret Cleaves, landlady of The Green Dragon in Monmouth

Mr Davies said:

“Stopping pubs in Wales from giving people the chance to support England was a bit of an own Goal for the Government. I tackled the issue head on after publicans including the Landlady of the Green Dragon, Margaret Cleaves got in touch with me. “

“I know from speaking to people that many from Monmouthshire want to see England go far in the World Cup, however late at night they will have to stay up to see the match. Even for those who will not be supporting England want to see the matches. It was disappointing that until the Home Office’s change of heart many Welsh drinkers in border towns like Monmouth, Chepstow and Abergavenny would have been denied this opportunity, whilst pubs in Wales would have missed out on a much needed source of revenue. ”

“I’m delighted that after I brandished the red card to the Home Office through a series of written questions and letters the Government saw sense and has now given the go ahead for pub licensing hours to be extended in Wales”

“I will do my best work and family permitting to cheer on England starting with Saturday June 14th when England play Italy.  Thanks to the Government’s change of heart many pub goers in Wales will be able to do the same.“

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