AM Attends Meeting of Monmouth Visually Impaired Club

Local Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, was pleased to attend a meeting of Monmouth Visually Impaired Club held at The Bridges Community Centre on Thursday afternoon.

Mr Ramsay was invited to meet members of the group to hear about the difficulties faced by the visually impaired living in and around Monmouth.

Monmouth Visually Impaired Club meeting July 2014

Nick Ramsay AM with members of Monmouth Visually Impaired Club at The Bridges Community Centre.

Speaking after the event Nick said:

“I spent an enjoyable afternoon with the club, and we discussed a range of issues of concern. In particular, their “A boards” campaign which aims to encourage shops to keep their display boards within a metre of the shop front so they are less likely to be a danger to those with sight problems.

“I will be following this up with the council to find out what more can be done to make shop keepers aware of the difficulties these boards can cause.

“ I also plan to find out what guidance the Welsh Government provides to Local Authorities on “A boards”.

“We also discussed the importance of dropped kerbs which the club hopes the local authority will keep under review together with other issues of concern to those suffering from visual impairment.

“Monmouth Visually Impaired Club does a lot of good work and their efforts to help all the partially sighted are to be applauded. Keep up the good work!”

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