Local AM Attends Weekend of Monmouth Events

Local Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, had a busy weekend attending important Monmouth events. Mr Ramsay attended Monmouth School’s Speech and Prizegiving Day on Saturday, followed by Monmouth Civic Service on Sunday.

Speaking today Nick said:

“This was an important weekend in Monmouth’s civic calendar. I was delighted to be invited to Monmouth School’s speech day which as usual did not disappoint with many pupils receiving awards in the wake of the school’s top Estyn Report.

“We were also treated to an inspirational speech by former UK Minister, London Olympics organiser and Old Monmothian, Lord Moynihan.

“On Sunday I was delighted to attend Monmouth Civic Service. The new Mayor, Jane Gunter, is both committed to the town and down to earth. She has all the right qualities to make an excellent Mayor and I look forward to working with her and the other town councillors in the coming year.

“Monmouth is facing a number of challenges at the moment including the need for appropriate economic development and concerns over housing allocation. I’m sure the town council will fight Monmouth’s corner.”

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