MONMOUTH MP David Davies has applauded the Conservative-led County Council for its boldness and vision in pressing ahead with the provision of four new secondary schools in Monmouthshire.

The Conservative-led administration is this week expected to agree the plans and finance for approval by full council at the end of July, enabling work on new secondary schools for Caldicot and Monmouth to begin at the end of the year.

The projected cost of the first phase of new secondary schools is likely to be over £80 million.

Speaking from Westminster, Mr Davies said:

“For years, the Conservatives running the council have invested heavily in new primary schools around the county.

“Now, despite the very difficult financial position in Wales, they have made provision for an early start to the secondary schools in Caldicot and Monmouth. These new schools will be the foundation to improvements in learning for years to come.

“I applaud Monmouthshire, the only Conservative-led local authority in Wales, for honouring its commitment to rebuild its mainstream secondary schools.

“The downside of all of this is that while the new school is being built in Monmouth, there will be no access to the swimming pool at the leisure centre. I have already raised this with senior cabinet members and I am assured that discussions will be taking place about utilising other pools in Monmouth, as well as the one in Coleford. Furthermore, the council has categorically stated that a brand new swimming pool is included in the plans.

“As a parent of three children who have had swimming lessons in the pool, I can see this is going to cause inconvenience. At the same time, the benefit is going to be that our children will be educated in a state-of-the-art school.

“This will be an important chapter in the history of Monmouth town and I will be taking a very keen interest in the project.”

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