Have your say on Wyesham Post Office plans, urges Monmouth AM

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay is encouraging members of the public to respond to a questionnaire on proposed changes to Wyesham Post Office.

The Post Office is currently investing in branches to make them more modern and Wyesham Post Office is being considered for refurbishment.

Changes to a new style Post Office would mean that services would be offered from a till on the retail counter rather than a separate screened counter; the current opening hours would be extended, and while customers would still have most of the Post Office products and services they’re used to, some services would no longer be available at the Wyesham branch. If the changes were approved, the branch may need to close for up to seven days during September/October 2014 for the refurbishment to take place.

Urging members of the public to respond to the questionnaire, Mr Ramsay said:

“The Post Office want to know why you use Wyesham Post Office, what you like about it and how you feel about the proposed changes.

“By letting them know what’s important to you, you can help shape your service in this store.”

You can make your views known online at postofficeviews.co.uk (when entering this site you will be asked the code for the Wyesham branch, which is 30163299) or by phoning the Customer Helpline 08457 22 33 44 (Textphone 08457 22 33 55). Responses will be accepted up to and including August 15th.

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