AM battles to change cross border healthcare

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay is fighting to persuade the Welsh Government to change the way in which cancer patients in Wales can access non-NICE life prolonging drugs.

A strong supporter of the Cancer Drugs for Wales’ campaign, Mr Ramsay intends to call for a cross party debate on issues relating to cross-border healthcare and the inequalities that have arisen due to Welsh Government policies.

He has also signed a petition, launched by Cancer Drugs for Wales, which already bears the signatures of 648 people from Usk’s twin town in Germany.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mr Ramsay said:

“Campaigners argue quite rightly that the purpose of devolution is surely to make people’s lives better that when they were dictated to by central government –  but sadly this is not the case for people who are told they are living on the wrong side of the border and that their only hope of treatment is to move to England or pay for it themselves.

“If people have paid into the same National Health Service during their lives, they naturally expect to be treated equally alongside our neighbours across the border.

“Sadly, this is certainly not the case now and the Welsh Government needs to take urgent steps to restore equality to the system in Wales.

“I will continue to do all I can to persuade the Welsh Government that urgent changes are needed to improve our healthcare system in Wales so that Welsh patients can expect to be  treated fairly and equally alongside our English neighbours.”

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