Monmouth MP David Davies is supporting a Monmouth resident who wants to ensure that all those who took part in the Berlin Airlift are eligible for a medal commemorating their part in the Berlin Airlift Campaign.

Sue Campbell is a former secretary of the Berlin Airlift Association and her husband Bill, who died earlier this year, was a loadmaster on the planes which delivered vital supplies into West Berlin after the Russians cut off land links.


The award is being made to RAF and civilian aircrew but, as Mrs Campbell points out, her husband was in the Army yet his contribution will not be recognised.

“I am not doing this for myself” said Mrs Campbell. “All those who took part in the campaign should be recognised whichever branch of the armed forces they were in. My husband was a member of the Black Watch Regiment when he volunteered to work as an armed loadmaster. He faced exactly the same risks as everyone else who flew those on those missions.”

Local MP David Davies has taken up the case.

“The freedom and prosperity of West Berlin did much to undermine the Communist system which enslaved millions of people across Europe until 1989. Without the airlift West Berlin would have been taken over and the cold might not have ended when it did.”

“I feel that the current recommendations which only mention RAF and civilian aircrew must be an oversight. Any reasonable person would surely agree that all those who took part should be recognised.”

“The Berlin Airlift Clasp can be awarded to next of kin and it would be wonderful if Mrs Campbell could receive one on her late husbands behalf.”

“Issues relating to medals are not dealt with at all by politicians but I am going to contact the relevant officials to ask them to include army and naval personnel who took part in missions.”

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