AM meets Councillor to discuss Chepstow’s serious traffic problems

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay is seeking a meeting with the Welsh Government Minister for Transport, Edwina Hart AM, to discuss Chepstow’s increasingly serious traffic problems.

Mr Ramsay, who has raised the matter with the Minister on a number of occasions, recently met up in Chepstow with Cllr. Paul Pavia, Town Councillor for Larkfield, to see for himself the town’s traffic congestion.

Nick Ramsay AM and Cllr Paul Pavia on Hardwick Hill, Chepstow following their meeting

Nick Ramsay AM and Cllr Paul Pavia on Hardwick Hill, Chepstow following their meeting

Speaking after the meeting with Cllr. Pavia, Nick said:

“The Minister is currently considering five main options to alleviate traffic congestion in Chepstow, including a proposal for a new bypass. Other options are restricting turning movements at the Bulwark junction; reviewing the traffic signals at the Tesco junction; prohibiting HGVs from the Wye Bridge or incorporating a toll system, and altering High Beech Roundabout.

“There have been a number of major incidents of traffic congestion in the town this summer, with tailbacks through the town centre. If there is a breakdown or accident, the Mount Pleasant/Hardwick Hill area suffers chaos and pollution – and the situation can only get worse. The safety of pedestrians is also being out in jeopardy because of the number of heavy vehicles using the road.

“There is an urgent need for the Welsh Government, County and Town Councils to work together to try to find both a short and long term solution to the town’s traffic problems.

“I will be pressing the Minister for a meeting to discuss what progress is being made and whether any decision has been made on the options being considered.“

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