In a wide ranging debate on foreign affairs in the House of Commons yesterday David Davies MP made clear his support for military action against the Islamic State (IS) due to the threat they pose to the UK and civilians in Iraq.

Mr Davies said:

“I do not take military action lightly. I opposed military intervention against Assad in Syria. Whilst Assad is a dictator with a terrible human rights record, he did not pose a threat to Britain and removing him could have led to a far worse alternative for Syria’s population.”

“The situation in Iraq is not the same as Syria. I would reluctantly support military action to defeat IS as they pose a severe threat to Britain and to Iraqi civilians.  Some of those fighting for IS come from Britain and if they returned to our country could commit terrible atrocities. IS’s barbaric actions have led to the mass murder of Christians, Yazidis, Kurds and many other Iraqis who stand in the way of their dream of a worldwide Islamic State. “

“Military intervention can only be successful if we work with those who share our desire to defeat IS. This means talking to Iran who due to its regional power and opposition to IS could play a major role in helping defeat this despicable terrorist group. Just as we worked with Stalin in World War 2 to rid the world of Hitler, today we need to work with unsavoury characters to oppose the evil that is IS.”

You can see a full copy of David’s speech to the House of Commons here:

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