MP against more Assembly powers following referendum

Monmouth MP David Davies has welcomed the result of the Scottish referendum but expressed concerns that it could lead to large amounts of extra powers being given to the Welsh Assembly.

Mr Davies who is the Chairman of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee said:

“Scotland is an important part of the United Kingdom and it would have been a tragedy had it left. However the result still leaves intact the Barnett formula for allocating money to the different parts of the UK.

Under this formula Scotland gets extra money but Wales gets less than it should. I believe that the time has come to scrap this and give Wales its fair share.

It now looks likely that Scotland will get extra powers and the Welsh Government are demanding the same.

Only a few years ago after the Assembly referendum Carwyn Jones said the Assembly had everything it needed. It would be wrong to give it yet more powers without a further referendum.

Devolution was badly thought out in 1999. The policy of successive governments has been to keep handing over powers to Scotland and Wales in an ad hoc fashion without any thought to England.

The situation whereby Welsh and Scottish MPs can continue to vote on English only matters like how the English NHS is run is clearly unfair and must be brought to an end.”

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