AM Objects to New Pylon at Deri Farm

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay today attended a site meeting with residents of Greystones Close, Mardy, and representatives of Western Power Distribution and George Ashworth of Monmouthshire County Council’s planning department. The meeting was requested by local residents who are very concerned about the possible erection of a new electricity tower adjacent to the existing houses at Greystones Close.

Speaking after the meeting Nick said:

“We all welcome the proposed undergrounding of the existing cables on the Deri Farm development site, but it seems this will require a new pylon to be erected. Local residents were under the impression the pylons would be removed and not replaced. Assuming a new pylon is indeed needed before the undergrounding of the cables can proceed I will be arguing this should be positioned to the east of the railway line and the A465 road to Hereford.

“I will be liaising with the planning department and Western Power over the coming months and pressing for this solution to the problem if at all possible.

“I realise the first priority of Western Power is to maintain the electricity supply, but the views of local people must be taken into account.”

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