LOCAL MP David Davies has vowed to keep the pressure on BT until it delivers faster broad​band in Monmouthshire.

Mr Davies also urged the telecoms giant to reveal the locations which are so remote that residents will not be able to get broadband through a cable.

The MP’s call follows a public meeting he organised in Abergavenny on Friday afternoon (10th October) which was attended by BT Wales director Ann Beynon and Superfast Cymru Programme Director Ed Hunt.

BT public meeting

The hall was full as residents from across the county packed into the St Michael’s Centre to listen to an update on the commercial roll-out of fibre broadband under the Superfast Cymru project – a partnership between the Welsh Government and BT – before a lively question and answer session ensued.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Davies said:

“The large number of people who were there will certainly have served to remind BT just how seriously we all take this issue.

“BT clearly have a great deal more work to do in Monmouthshire and I intend to continue holding them to account through further meetings.”

Many areas of Monmouthshire have broadband speeds well below 1mbps making it difficult to carry out basic functions on the internet.

It is having a particular impact on rural businesses and some, especially farmers, do not yet have a broadband connection.

Mr Davies asked for information on telephone exchanges being upgraded at the meeting but was not satisfied with the answer he was given.

“While I note that more areas are going to have exchanges which are enabled, I am uncertain as to what percentage of those living there will have full broadband,” he said.

“BT’s spokesmen seemed to be implying that it would be 90 percent across Wales but I did not feel the question had been fully answered.

“BT acknowledged there will be some people whose properties are so remote they won’t ever be able to get broadband through a cable and these people affected have the right to know this as soon as possible so they can make other arrangements.”

Residents at the meeting also voiced their anger at BT’s customer service when making complaints.

Ms Beynon acknowledged improvements were needed in the customer service department.

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