Abergavenny street lighting columns- AM disappointed by Minister’s response

STREET lighting columns in Abergavenny town centre were not designed to have attachments to them, Monmouth Assembly Member Nick Ramsay, has been told.

Mr Ramsay was asked by Abergavenny Town Council to contact the Government Minister for Economy, Science and Transport, Edwina Hart AM, to ask if the lighting columns on the A40 could continue to be used for hanging baskets and banners, which councillors felt helped make the town centre look very attractive, particularly during the summer months.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mr Ramsay said:

“I have now received a response from the Minister who says she is going to ask officials to contact the council to get a definitive list of the columns they would like to use so that structural testing records can be checked. If the columns meet the current standards, it may still be possible to use them; it not, consideration will be given to adding a more suitable heavy duty unit when the columns are due for renewal.

“I am sorry the Minister’s response is not more positive but I hope it will still prove possible for the columns to be used as before as I agree that they do indeed help the town look very attractive.

“I will keep the town council informed of any further news I receive on this issue.”

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