AM attends launch of Cardiff University engagements projects

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay was delighted to attend the launch of Cardiff University’s flagship engagement projects in the Senedd on Tuesday.

nickramsay1 (2)

During the evening, Mr Ramsay was interested to learn details of the five flagship projects, which aim to transform lives from South Wales to sub-Saharan Africa, unveiled as part of the University’s most ambitious plan ever for communities.

Speaking after the event, he said:

“I understand the University will work with communities on issues such as tackling poverty, boosting the economy and improving health, education and wellbeing, and there will also be benefits for social inclusion, digital literacy and the Welsh language. The Welsh Government, the Welsh NHS and local authorities will play vital roles in helping to ensure the projects are a success.

“While the engagement focuses on communities in Wales, the benefits will be felt as far as south-west Africa, where one project will use University expertise to save lives in collaboration with the University of  Namibia.

“Cardiff University has a long history of successful engagement work but has never attempting anything on this scale before. I wish them every success.”

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