AM claims M4 consultation was a sham

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has described the Welsh Government’s consultation on choosing a new route to ease congestion on the M4 in Newport as “a sham” and said there were “major holes in the whole process.”

His comments were made during a heated debate in the Senedd on Tuesday when he suggested that the choice of the so-called ‘black route’ as the Government’s favoured option was influenced by the fact that the Government owned more than £12 million worth of property along the route – an accusation the Economy Minister, Edwina Hart AM, strenuously denied.

“We find that difficult to believe and I think the public would find it difficult as well,” said Mr Ramsay. “ Why wasn’t the blue route included in the consultation as well? The public are losing confidence, as Assembly Members clearly are.”

Speaking on Wednesday, Mr Ramsay added:

If it was indeed the case that behind the scenes the Government was buying land to make this specific route the preferred option, the public consultation process would be completely valueless.

“There is a desperate need to find a solution to easing congestion on the M4 – it’s an issue we’ve been talking about for decades. The M4 is the most important piece of infrastructure we have in Wales.

“I have asked the Minister to look again at the whole process and have a consultation that does what it says on the tin and not just pay lip service to it.”

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