LOCAL MP David Davies has warned that a spate of professionally executed house burglaries in Monmouth is creating a “climate of fear” among residents.

Mr Davies spoke out as police swamped the streets of Osbaston following a further break-in last week.

“Several residents have now been in touch and they are understandably worried about the alarming number of burglaries taking place,” said Mr Davies, who lives in the area with his family.

“From talking informally to the police, there has been very little forensic evidence left behind and it seems this is the handiwork of professional criminals.”

While Mr Davies welcomed the high-visibility police patrols currently being carried out, he said “much more” needed to be done to catch the perpetrators.

“The thieves are carefully targeting houses in which the owners are out, either for the evening or on holiday,” he added.

“It occurs to me that in order to ensure houses are empty, it is quite possible they have been knocking on people’s doors with some pretext.

“They would certainly have to be walking or driving around and would possibly stand out in an area where many of us know each other by sight.

“I think it would be a good idea for residents in Osbaston to make a careful note of any unusual callers to their homes and hand this information over to the police.

“It is almost certain that without realising it, someone will have seen these burglars.”

Mr Davies said he will be asking to meet the officers in charge of the investigation to discuss further measures which could be taken.

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