UPDATE: Osbaston burglaries from David Davies MP

Dear Resident

The recent spate of burglaries taking place in the Osbaston area is a matter of great concern. I am holding regular discussions with Gwent Police about this and I’m aware of certain measures being put in place, which I have been asked not to disclose.

It would appear these burglaries are the handiwork of professional criminals. They are carefully targeting houses in which the owners are out, either for the evening or on holiday – which suggests to me that they are knocking on doors first to ensure properties are empty. The likelihood is they will have knocked on other doors in the same street too.

I would therefore strongly urge you to make a careful note and description of any unusual or unexplained callers to your home. This information can be forwarded to Chief Inspector Mick Moyles, Commander of the Monmouthshire Local Policing Unit. His email address is: Michael.Moyles@gwent.pnn.police.uk.

Please copy me in at david.davies.mp@parliament.uk and I will make absolutely certain appropriate action is taken.

Both myself and Chief Inspector Moyles will be in Osbaston TOMORROW AFTERNOON (Friday, 12th December 2014). We will be walking the streets from 3:30pm onwards and talking to residents, so do please feel free to approach us.

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