AM’s  concern over fall in milk price

ASSEMBLY Member for Monmouth Nick Ramsay has expressed his concern at the recent fall in the price Monmouthshire farmers are receiving for their milk from supermarkets in Wales.

The fall in price was one of a number of pressing issues raised at the Assembly’s recent annual Welsh Farmers’ Breakfast.

The fall means that milk suppliers such as First Milk are now operating at a loss of a penny per litre, leading them to seek to recoup the losses from farmers.

Speaking today Mr Ramsay said:

“The recent fall in the price that distributors are receiving from supermarkets for their milk to a penny below the production cost is deeply concerning.

“It is hardly surprising that this has coincided with the news that more dairy farmers are going out of business. No business can survive at a loss in the long term, it is quite simply an unsustainable situation.

“If this fall is not addressed urgently it will drive more dairy farmers out of business with knock-on effects throughout the farming sector and other areas of the economy too.

“The food production industry in Wales is worth around £5 billion. It is a huge sector of our economy that needs to be nourished.

“I have asked the Welsh Government to take urgent action and put as much pressure on the supermarkets as possible to pay farmers the going rate for milk.”

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