TWO first-class train tickets will be auctioned off to the highest bidder as part of a major fundraising campaign to repair the damaged ceiling of the medieval church in Llangybi.

David Davies MP with Reverend Pamela Love at St Cybi’s Church, Llangybi.

David Davies MP with Reverend Pamela Love at St Cybi’s Church, Llangybi.

Monmouth MP David Davies has boosted the appeal for St Cybi’s Church by giving Reverend Pamela Love, assistant curate for the four churches in the Llangybi group, two open return first class train tickets.

Donated by First Great Western, the tickets can be used to travel on any of its routes during peak or off-peak times and are valid for 12 months.

Last year, a large triangular crack appeared in the curved plaster ceiling of the nave at St Cybi’s Church above the pipe organ – one of only two working models in the UK.

Immediate emergency permission to dismantle the organ was granted by the diocese and the following day the plaster fell down.

After numerous professional inspections, it was revealed that the rest of the large ceiling was at risk and several rare 15th and 17thcentury paintings were in danger of falling off the walls from hidden damp.

The eventual total cost of saving the historic church is currently unknown but there are fears the bill could top £100,000.

Mr Davies said:

“I was very sad when I read about the problems parishioners in Llangybi are having with the roof of their church.

“Major repairs such as this are incredibly expensive and it is always a challenge to get the funding in place.

“Oddly enough, on the day I was reading the article First Great Western sent me two complimentary tickets with the proviso that they are used for a charitable or voluntary purpose in the constituency. It therefore seemed like the natural thing to do to pass them on to Reverend Love.

“The tickets are first class return tickets for use anywhere on the First Great Western network on or off-peak times and are worth a few hundred pounds.

“Maybe someone would like a holiday in Cornwall over the summer or perhaps someone travelling to London on business with a colleague might like to make a commercial offer.”

To bid for the tickets, send your offer and contact details to Reverend Love by 1st March 2015 via email at or telephone 01633 450347.

“If the tickets were needed in a hurry, especially with Valentine’s Day approaching, then Reverend Love may be persuaded by a very generous offer!,” added Mr Davies.

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