AM welcomes safety improvement proposals for Monmouth Road crossing

LOCAL Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has welcomed news that measures are set to be put in place to make it safer for pedestrians to cross the A40 Monmouth Road, Abergavenny.

In a letter to Mr Ramsay, the Welsh Government Transport Minister, Edwina Hart AM, states that a speed limit order for the 30mph zone on the A40 near Ysbytty Fields on the Monmouth Road will be put in place this month, and an additional pedestrian guard to encourage schoolchildren to use the current crossing point on the A40 will be installed before the end of April.

Mr Ramsay, who has been campaigning with County Councillor Maureen Powell for these improvements to be made, said:

“This is a busy and potentially treacherous stretch of road and I am pleased that at last action is being taken to improve safety for pedestrians.”

“The Minister has also informed me that informal discussions with Monmouthshire County Council have indicated that the majority of HGVs travelling between Brecon Road and the A465 via Abergavenny regularly use the A4143 to bypass the A40 and that whilst this is a legal alternative route for them, it is recognised that some features of the road are not entirely suitable for large vehicles.

“Mitigation works would be required if this road were to be formally adopted as part of the trunk road network and this proposal is set to be considered in the Government’s draft National Transport Plan, which is open for consultation until March 11th.”

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