AM calls for action to address ambulance crisis

LOCAL Assembly Member Nick Ramsay said he was appalled by the recently published ambulance response times for Wales, which showed that the Welsh Ambulance Service had produced its worst set of figures for emergency response times since 2011.

Mr Ramsay’s Monmouthshire constituency was one of the local authorities highlighted as failing to reach half of their calls within the target of 65% of calls to be answered within eight minutes, and  just 33.29% of Category A, life-threatening calls, arrived on the scene within eight minutes,

Speaking in the Senedd on Wednesday, Mr Ramsay said:

“I understand that during December police in Wales had to drive 115 people to A and E Units due to a lack of available ambulances. It is totally unacceptable that the police should be called upon to take people to hospital.

“I have asked the Minister whether the additional £70 million promised today will go towards improving our current response times, which are truly shaming.

“We have been assured in the past that improvements would be made but that clearly hasn’t happened. Patients lives are being put at risk and this cannot be allowed to continue. Urgent action must be taken by the Welsh Government to find a solution to this crisis.”

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