MONMOUTH MP David Davies has called on the Welsh Government to address ongoing safety problems with the new road layout at junction 2 of the M48 at Chepstow.

A48M Chepstow

Last year, road markings were introduced after a study identified the roundabout as a collision cluster site. The left hand lane has been dedicated to the minority of vehicles using Newhouse Farm Industrial Estate, leaving one lane for the far greater amount of traffic heading towards Chepstow and Thornwell.

The result is heavy congestion, with motorists queuing the entire length of the slip road and back onto the motorway as far as the Severn Bridge during peak times.

Transport Minister Edwina Hart AM has acknowledged there are problems with the scheme and alternative options are being considered following a road safety audit report.

But Mr Davies said action was needed now.

“All the new road markings have succeeded in doing is cause unnecessary and time wasting congestion,” he said.

“The new priority lane for the industrial estate is invariably empty, while there is an accident waiting to happen in the other lane.

“It’s an incredibly dangerous situation since drivers exiting for Chepstow do not always realise there is a queue and are forced to break very suddenly.

“I’m pleased the Welsh Government shares my concerns that the roundabout needs rearranging and is working towards a solution.

“However, stationary traffic on a motorway is not ideal, especially in an area which is prone to dense fog, and I hope action will be taken sooner rather than later.”

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