AM supports residents’ plea for alternative site for Mardy car park

LOCAL Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has written to Monmouthshire County Council’s Head of Planning, George Ashworth, following complaints from local residents who are unhappy about the proposed new car parking area at Mardy Park, Abergavenny.

Proposals include extending the car park along the roadside and for the new car parking area to be lit at night.

After attending a site meeting with local residents, Mr Ramsay said:

“Residents are worried that excavations for the new car park will result in several mature trees along the side of the road being damaged and that they may even die as a result of the work.

“These trees are a well established part of the Mardy landscape and I would be very concerned if they were to be lost.

“My constituents have suggested that an unused field at the rear of the building could possibly be used for additional car parking instead, although I appreciate this could be more problematic due to the sloping ground.

“I have written to Mr Ashworth to ask if this alternative site could be considered.”

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