AM attends new care centre exhibition at Llanfrechfa

LOCAL Assembly Member Nick Ramsay was delighted to attend a recent exhibition of the proposed Specialist and Critical Care Centre in Llanfrechfa, which is scheduled to open in 2019.

Speaking after the event, Mr Ramsay said:

“There has been lots of interest in this project, which has been in the pipeline for almost ten years. The proposed model splits critical care from general hospitals by providing specialist care for people who are seriously ill or have a number of complex problems that cannot be safely dealt with in a local general hospital.

“The exhibition was well attended by the public, with  people from Llanfrechfa and Cwmbran showing lots of support for a hospital and the site.

“Clearly a piece in this jigsaw will be upgrading Nevill Hall Hospital and general hospitals in the wake of the departure of the Intensive Care Unit.

“The progress of this project and its completion by 2019 is dependent on the Welsh Government releasing funding as soon as possible and I will be keeping up the pressure for them to do so.”

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