AM disappointed at lack of response to Wye Bridge problems

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has expressed his disappointment that concerns raised by Monmouth Town Council relating to traffic congestion on the A40 at Monmouth and the Wye Bridge traffic lights do not feature in the Welsh Government Minister’s report on the Draft National Transport Plan for Wales 2015.

Mr Ramsay wrote to the Government’s Transport Minister, Edwina Hart AM, after meeting representatives of Monmouth Town Council who had analysed the Draft National Transport Plan in detail and were concerned that the plan failed to address the constant traffic congestion problems on the A40 through Monmouth and in particular at the traffic lights on the  junction of the A66 Wye Bridge. The council had also put forward a number of proposals, which they hoped would act as a catalyst in a discussion to find solutions.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mr Ramsay said:

“I am disappointed that the Welsh Government has missed this opportunity to address this problem. The Wye Bridge traffic lights are the only traffic lights on the route between the Coldra roundabout and Inverness and should be prioritised for improvement.

“I will continue to press the Welsh Government to bring forward a solution.”

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