AM seeks clarification on hearing tests issue

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has contacted the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board to ask why it is not possible for people in Monmouth to have hearing tests at Monnow Vale.

Mr Ramsay has written to  the Board’s Chief Executive, Judith Paget, after being contacted by a constituent who has been told conflicting stories about why she is no longer able to have hearing tests at Nevill Hall and is now required to travel to the Royal Gwent in Newport.

“My constituent has been told by the Royal Gwent that they are now the centre for hearing tests for the whole of Gwent although the audiologists are apparently not present every day of the week.

“However, the audiologist at Monnow Vale has informed my constituent that the Royal Gwent is being used to relieve pressure on Nevill Hall who have in turn told her that she could be seen there but will have to wait another six months at the top of the waiting list when she has already waited about that time for an appointment.

“I know of other elderly people in Monmouth who find it extremely difficult to travel to Newport for an appointment and wonder why hearing tests can’t be carried out at Monnow Vale.

“I am hoping the Health Board will be able to clarify reasons why Monmouth people are being required to attend the Royal Gwent and why it is not possible for the Welsh NHS to provide hearing tests at Monnow Vale.”

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