MONMOUTH MP David Davies has expressed his support for a community campaign aiming to tackle the anti-social use of motorcycles on the B4235 near Shirenewton.

Mr Davies joined Ian Moore, chair of Shirenewton Community Council, and residents from Mynyddbach at Chepstow Police Station on Wednesday (13th May) for a meeting with Gwent Police and Monmouthshire Highways.

Discussions took place about how to combat ongoing issues of noise and speeding motorbikes in the Mynyddbach area. Suggestions included reducing the speed limit on the B4235 from the national 60mph limit and better policing of the road.

“Obviously, it is a small minority who are causing a nuisance and this certainly isn’t a campaign against motorcyclists themselves,” said Mr Davies.

“The vast majority ride in a sensible fashion but they are being let down by a small number who use this stretch of road as a race track, putting themselves and others in danger.

“The B4235 between Shirenewton and Usk is very attractive to motorcyclists, where they can get their knees down as they go around bends, and we have sadly seen several accidents over the last few years – some fatal.”

Gwent Police confirmed officers will be undertaking an education and enforcement initiative throughout the summer months, alongside speed audits and a review of yellow bike signs.

“The police indicated that a lower speed limit might slow some of the riders down because if they are caught travelling at excessive speeds, the penalties will be higher and they are more likely to lose their licence,” added Mr Davies.

“There also needs to be specific monitoring of the motorbikes being ridden, especially in light of concerns that some exhaust systems are being illegally modified to make a louder noise.

“Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to ending this problem. It’s about staying on top of it.”

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