THE Prime Minister today used a question from Monmouth MP David Davies to insist that the NHS will remain free at the point of use with an £8bn annual increase in spending.

During his first Prime Minister’s Questions since winning the general election, David Cameron also urged the Welsh Government to perform a U-turn and put money into the health service like the Conservatives are doing across the border.

Mr Davies highlighted shorter waiting times in England, better ambulance response times, better access to cancer drugs and more funding “which makes the NHS not just the envy of the world but of my own constituents in Monmouthshire.”

Mr Cameron replied:

“I can absolutely say under this government the NHS will remain free at the point of use and more to the point, we are backing the Simon Stevens plan (chief executive of NHS England) with an extra £8bn of spending – a commitment that the Labour Party still refuse to make.

“But that’s not surprising when you look at the Labour record in Wales, where they’ve cut the NHS in stark contrast to the decision that we made to increase investment in the NHS.

“That’s why we see in the Welsh NHS performance worse figures on A&E, on waiting times, on cancer, and I would urge the Labour Party in Wales, even at this late stage: change your approach, do a U-turn, put the money into the NHS like we’re doing in England.”

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