AM Contacts Minister About Velothon Complaints

LOCAL Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has sent an urgent message to the Welsh Government Transport Minister, Edwina Hart, expressing his concern about the 2015 Velothon Wales event this coming Sunday which will result in road closures for much of the day in parts of his Monmouth constituency.

Nick has received a large number of letters and emails from constituents in recent days who have only just heard that the event is taking place in their area with resulting road closures.

Speaking today Nick said:

“It’s clear that the communication with local businesses and the public generally in advance of this event has been woefully inadequate.

“It is completely unacceptable that Monmouthshire businesses are being affected in this way and for such an extended period of time. This should never have got to this point.

“I am raising this with the Welsh Government urgently, and expect immediate action. At the very least I would expect a measure of compensation for the businesses affected. It is madness that the economic harm to businesses risks outweighing any benefits of an event like this.”

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