DAVID Davies MP has undertaken the first in a series of farm study visits designed to get behind the economics of agriculture in Monmouthshire.

Mr Davies, who is working with NFU Cymru, aims to build on his knowledge of farming and develop a wider understanding of how the industry operates.

On Friday (5 June) he met with Lyndon and Liz Edwards, beef and sheep farmers from Dingestow, to discuss the current situation of the livestock sector in Wales.

They addressed issues including the regulation on the electronic identification of sheep, reporting timescales for sheep and cattle movements and the continued problem of bovine TB.

David Davies MP with Dingestow farmer Lyndon Edwards.

David Davies MP with Dingestow farmer Lyndon Edwards.

“My thanks go to Lyndon, Liz and NFU Cymru for such a productive and useful meeting,” said Mr Davies.

“Agriculture is a big part of the economy in Monmouthshire and I want to spend the next year getting right into the detail.

“It is clear that bovine TB remains a huge area of concern and this is something we absolutely need to get on top of by any method that is shown to work.

“We also need to look at electronic sheep identification in terms of gaining tolerances to the regulation and the three-day animal movement reporting rule, which fails to take into account weekends and Bank Holidays.

“I would very much like to continue with these MP farm days and look forward to visiting an arable farm to see some harvesting in a few months’ time.”

Lyndon Edwards added:

“We’re grateful to David Davies for coming out on-farm to meet with us and to hear our concerns.

“The agricultural industry forms the backbone of the local economy and sustains our rural communities in Monmouthshire.

“As farmers, we urge our MP to help argue our corner and to convince the government in Westminster of the need to deliver fiscal policies that can help support farming and food production through the volatility that’s affecting our businesses here in Monmouthshire and throughout the rest of Wales and the UK.”

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