AM asks why Monmouth has been dropped from Metro Map

MONMOUTH AM Nick Ramsay has expressed deep concern that the town of Monmouth appears to have been dropped from  the latest map of how the proposed South East Wales Metro might look.

The latest map published by the Welsh Government clearly shows the Metro extending along existing rail links to Abergavenny and Chepstow but previously outlined Metro links to the county town itself have vanished.

Mr Ramsay voiced his concerns during a statement by the Minister for Economy and Transport in the Assembly Debating Chamber.

Mr Ramsay said:

“It is deeply concerning that Monmouth seems to have been dropped from the Welsh Government’s latest map of the Metro.

“The A449 is a vital north to south strategic route and tailor-made for inclusion in the emerging public transport strategy, which includes improved rail, light rail, tram and bus links. It makes no sense to exclude the A449 or the A40 from the Metro proposals.

“Too often the town of Monmouth feels ignored by the Welsh Government when it comes to public transport upgrades. The town has battled with declining public transport links over the years since the town lost all its links to the railway network in the late 1950s.

“Clearly reconnecting Monmouth to the railway network would be very costly and is not on the current agenda but being on the Metro map is vital to ensure enhanced bus services and future improvements in public transport.

“As the county town Monmouth should definitely be on the map and I am pressing the Welsh Government to put it back on the map at the earliest opportunity.”

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