MP David Davies has repeated calls for compensation after Velothon Wales admitted the company they paid to deliver information leaflets to local residents failed to do so.

Race director Andrew Taylor said it had been agreed with councils and a communications steering group involving the Welsh Government that letters would be delivered to houses impacted by the road closures in Monmouthshire four weeks prior to the event on Sunday 14 June.

However, it has emerged that the leaflets were not distributed.

In an email to the Monmouth MP, Mr Taylor said: “Unfortunately, out of our control, once they reached the distribution company, the leaflets didn’t get distributed as we had requested.

“The Velothon Wales team are still in discussions with the organisation contracted to undertake this job to understand exactly what happened and why we received inaccurate information on a number of occasions.

“We are still awaiting a response from the company.”

Mr Taylor went on to say that organisers worked with Monmouthshire County Council to provide an additional information sheet specific to the villages of Mamhilad, Llanover, Llanellen and Llanfoist, which was delivered on Wednesday 10 June.

“The delay in the letter drops certainly did not help and we need to ensure this does not happen again,” he added.

Velothon Wales is now being asked by Mr Davies to reconsider compensating businesses for lost trade, alongside residents and carers who were unable to get to work due to the road closures.

“In my opinion, this admission that information leaflets were not delivered strengthens the case for compensation,” said Mr Davies.

“Perhaps Velothon Wales might want to consider using the money that would otherwise have been paid to the distribution company to award compensation to those left out of pocket.

“Mr Taylor also seems to be implying that organisers were told by the Welsh Government not to bother engaging with MPs as part of what transpired to be a woefully inadequate communications strategy.

“This is an issue I will be taking up directly with Edwina Hart AM, Minister for Economy, Science and Transport.”

The email from Velothon Wales has been published on Mr Davies’ website at

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