MONMOUTH MP David Davies has hit national headlines after suggesting migrants should be deported to “humane camps” in Africa and the Middle East.

He added it was important to “take away the incentive” for illegal immigrants to come to Britain by cutting UK benefits and called for Army support to help restore order in Calais. 

Mr Davies, who first spoke out in Parliament about the growing crisis a few weeks ago, repeated his comments on Radio 4’s Today Programme.

British troops should go into migrant camps in Calais to shore up security, he  said, while development aid money could be used to build humanely-run camps and feed people.

“It may sound a little harsh but, at the moment, migrants are losing their lives on Channel Tunnel freight trains and on rickety boats out in the Mediterranean,” said Mr Davies.

“Around 100,000 people have already arrived in Europe so far this year. Many, many more will be watching to see what happens and look to follow them.

“Fundamentally, what we need to do is take away the incentive to come here. The UK Government already partly funds refugee camps in the Middle East. We should expand this programme and make it clear that anyone who is in Britain without papers should be removed back to their country of origin.

“If we can’t get into the actual country, we need to be building humane camps across North Africa and the Middle East where people can be sent while their asylum claims are processed. There is plenty of development money we can use to do that.

“We need to cut the benefits in this country, we need to change the law in a way the judges can’t strike down and we need to put people back in a kind and humane fashion so they are not incentivised to risk their lives for their sake as well as ours.”

Summing up, Mr Davies said the UK had a right to control its borders and “decide who comes in here”.

“We are losing that control,” he warned.

“Britain is already overcrowded and sadly, we cannot allow everyone in. Our welfare system will collapse and our country will become unrecognisable.

“There comes a point when we have to say we simply cannot cope.”

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